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Need some ideas for your bathroom remodeling project? Here we are! We are proud to present these stunning
Bathroom Design Pictures
guaranteed to get your imagination fly.

mosaic tile on kitchen backsplash From traditional to contemporary,
 there's a design image to provide inspiration for every homeowner's individual taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Can I pick up the material or have someone pick it up for me at the warehouse?
  2. What if I cannot have it delivered and I cannot come to the warehouse?
  3. I missed the truck, will it come back?
  4. The shipping truck arrived but my material was a mess what do I do?
  5. Can I send the material back?
  6. How do I get the material of the back of the truck?

Can I pick up ... ?

  • Yes. You can pick up any material in New Orleans and Harahan.
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What if I cannot have it ...?

  • We have made arrangements with the shipping companies for you, to pick up the material at the nearest local dock that the company uses. Please contact us for the nearest address to your location..
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I missed the truck ... ?

  • In the event that your have missed the truck or for some reason could not unload the material, Please contact your sales representative immediately.
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The shipping truck ... ?

  • If at any time when your receive material and it is broken or something is unsatisfactory, DO NOT allow the truck to be unloaded and contact your sales Representative Immediately. If you did not notice the damage until a later date please contact your sales representative for further instructions..
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Can I send ... ?

  • Yes...under certain conditions. If material is sent back without prior authorization, it will not be accepted and no credit will be applied to any accounts. If your feel that you need to return the material please contact your sales representative and we will work with your on the return.
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How do I ... ?

  • We will arrange that the truck will arrive with a forklift or a lift gate.
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