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Need some ideas for your bathroom remodeling project? Here we are! We are proud to present these stunning
Bathroom Design Pictures
guaranteed to get your imagination fly.

mosaic tile on kitchen backsplash From traditional to contemporary,
 there's a design image to provide inspiration for every homeowner's individual taste.

Glass, Metal & Decorative Accent Tile Collection

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Glass Block
Decora GB01Decora GB01
4X8X4 $10.45
Icescapes GB02Icescapes GB02 4X8X4 $$11.90Decora Arque Block GB01Decora Arque Block GB01
8" $24.12
Icescapes Arque Block GB02 Icescapes Arque Block GB02  8"
Decora Endblock GB01 Decora Endblock GB01 8X8X4 $36.37Icescapes Endblock GB02 Icescapes Endblock GB02 8X8X4 $40.45Decora Hedron Corner GB01 Decora Hedron Corner GB01 
Icescapes  Hedron Corner GB02 Icescapes Hedron Corner GB02 
Decora Tridon 45° Block FGB01 Decora Tridon 45° Block GB01  $33.07Icescapes Tridron 45° Block GB02 Icescapes Tridron 45° Block GB02 
Decora Encurve Finishing Unit GB01 Decora Encurve Finishing Unit GB01 $62.69IcescapesEncurve Finishing Unit FB02 IcescapesEncurve Finishing Unit GB02 
Glass Mosaics (SPECIAL ORDER WITH A 6 - 8 WEEK LEAD TIME.) Gold and Silver Byzantine prices fluctuate with the price of gold.
Acapulco glass mosaicAcapulco Blue glass mosaic
Group 2
Amber glass mosaicAmber glass mosaic
VG3022PM1P Group 1
Aqua Blue glass mosaicAqua Blue glass mosaic
Group 1
Aqua Green Glass mosaicAqua Green Glass mosaic
VG093434PM1P Group 2
Black Glass MosaicBlack Glass Mosaic
VG2622PM1P Group 1
Blush Glass mosaicBlush Glass mosaic
Bright Yellow Glass MosaicBright Yellow Glass MosaicCancun Blue Glass MosaicCancun Blue Glass Mosaic
Carrib Green Glass MosaicCarrib Green Glass MosaicCobalt Blue Glass MosaicCobalt Blue Glass MosaicCrimson Glass MosaicCrimson Glass MosaicCrystal Blue Glass MosaicCrystal Blue Glass Mosaic
Cuerna Green Glass MosaicCuerna Green Glass MosaicDark Cobalt Glass MosaicDark Cobalt Glass MosaicDark Honey Glass MosaicDark Honey Glass MosaicGm Petra Glass MosaicGm Petra Glass Mosaic
VG 57 Glass MosaicVG 57 Glass MosaicEmerald Green Glass MosaicEmerald Green Glass MosaicGreenish Blue Glass MosaicGreenish Blue Glass MosaicHoney Glass MosaicHoney Glass Mosaic
Ice White Glass MosaicIce White Glass MosaicIxtapa Blue Glass MosaicIxtapa Blue Glass MosaicKihea Blue Glass MosaicKihea Blue Glass MosaicLilac Glass MosaicLilac Glass Mosaic
Ocean Blue Glass MosaicOcean Blue Glass MosaicOyster White Glass MosaicOyster White Glass MosaicPeach Glass MosaicPeach Glass MosaicPearl Gray Glass MosaicPearl Gray Glass Mosaic
Scarlet Glass MosaicScarlet Glass MosaicSteel Blue Glass Mosaic
Steel Blue Glass MosaicTangerine Glass MosaicTangerine Glass MosaicTobacco Glass MosaicTobacco Glass Mosaic
Turquoise Glass MosaicTurquoise Glass MosaicVermillin Glass MosaicVermillion Glass Mosaic
VG533434PM1P Group 3
Wheat Glass MosaicWheat Glass Mosaic  

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