Medallion Collection

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Medallion Collection

Note. Natural stone shade and coloration are inherently variable. For maintenance, clean with a damp mop and any suitable stone cleaner. Sealer should be applied after installation and repeat as suggested by sealer manufacturer. Medallions are not recommended for shower floors. No grout joint recommended. The Giardino Medallion and borders are a combination of stone and glass. All other medallions shown are stone only. Thickness of medallion : 3/8". For colors see note at the bottom.

Medallion Collection  (* Stocked at Sunnyvale)
Arcturus Medallion TSM5

Arcturus Medallion TSM5
24" diam.
Imperial Medallion TSM8
Imperial Medallion TSM8
Honed 24" diam.

Northern Star Medallion TSM4
Northern Star Medallion TSM4
32" round $158.16

Nova Medallion TSM6
Nova Medallion TSM6 Honed
32" round
Star Burst Medallion TSM1
Star Burst Medallion TSM1
36" round
Zinnia Medallion TSM7

Zinnia Medallion TSM7 Tumbled
36" round


Stone Medallions & Borders      ( Important  All Stone Medallions are FOB Laredo, Texas, 78045. Lead time: 6 to 8 weeks.)
Athena Medallion SB14
Athena Medallion SB14 Polished
60" round $2365.00
Bussola Mosaic Stone Medallion 32 or 60 diam. Honed/Polished SB04
Bussola Mosaic Medallion  SB04 Honed/Polished
32" $758.45
60" $2365.00
Catina Medallion 47 x 39 Tumbled SB05
Catina Medallion  Tumbled SB05
47 x 39
Arabesque Mosaic Medallion 70 x 43 SB07 Tumbled
Arabesque Mosaic  SB07 Tumbled
70 x 43 $2429.60

Oasis Medallion 51 x 51 Tumbled SB08
Oasis Medallion  Tumbled SB08  51 x 51 $2082.52
Tappeto Medallion 79 x 40 Tumbled SB09
Tappeto Medallion  Tumbled SB09 79 x 40 $2539.54
Vigneto Mosaic Stone Medallion 72 x 48 SB10 Honed/Polished
Vigneto Mosaic Stone Medallion  SB10 Honed/Polished
72 x 48 $2725.27

Pennacchino Medallion Polished SB13
Pennacchino Medallion Polished SB13
60"   $2725.26

Botanica Mosaic Medallion SB03 Honed/Polished
Botanica Mosaic Medallion SB03 Honed/Polished
60" $2322.81

Fiore Medallion 32 diam. Polished SB11
Fiore Medallion  Polished SB11
32" $751.14

Giardino Medallion 45 diam. Polished SB06
Giardino Medallion  Polished SB06

Pennacchino Small Medallion 36 diam. Polished SB13
Pennacchino Small Medallion Polished SB13
36"  $859.56

Waterjet Colors

WJM1 (G761 Ubatuba, T730 Mediter ranean I vory , T731 Sienna Gold)
WJM2 (G771 Absolute Black , M721 Crema Mar fil, M724 Roj o Alicante)
WJM3 (G704 Baltic Brown, M417 Emperador Light, M721 Crema Mar fil)
WJM4 (T731 Sienna Gold, M725 Emperador Dark , M721 Crema Mar fil)
WJM5 (G771 Absolute Black , M724 Roj o Alicante, T731 Sienna Gold, M742 Hulien Jade Green, L711 Jurastone Beige)
WJM6 (G771 Absolute Black , T711 Tor reon, G294 Tropical Brown)
WJM7 (G771 Absolute Black , M721 Crema Mar fil, M714 Emperador Light, M725 Emperador Dark )
WJM8 (M721 Crema Mar fil, M417 Emperador Light, G287 Tan Brown)
Tumbled/Honed Stone Colors
TSM1 (T711 Sand, TS03 Walnut, M312 Midnight, TS07 Rojo)
TSM3 (M722 Crema Mar fil, M725 Emperador Dark , TS56 Rojo Alicante)
TSM4 (M722 Crema Mar fil, M725 Emperador Dark , TS56 Rojo Alicante)
TSM5 (M722 Crema Mar fil, M725 Emperador Dark )
TSM6 (M701 White Car rara, M751 China Black )
TSM7 (TS71 Autumn Mist, TS70 I ndian Multi, TS73 Copper )
TSM8 (M722 Crema Mar fil, M417 Emperador Light, M725 Emperador Dark )

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