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Need some ideas for your bathroom remodeling project? Here we are! We are proud to present these stunning
Bathroom Design Pictures
guaranteed to get your imagination fly.

mosaic tile on kitchen backsplash From traditional to contemporary,
 there's a design image to provide inspiration for every homeowner's individual taste.

    Lopez Tile Depot Recent Projects


Photos were taken through a 10 years lapse and were modified a little bit to adapt them to the website resolution requirements but we do have complete sections of almost all the projects we have done through years and if you wish we can prepare a DVD where you could see all the details and process involved in a bathroom preparation. Photos were not taken for a professional photographer but for the installers and sometimes you will see that the project was not totally finished because the involvement of a plumber, an electrician, etc., things we cannot control. Lopez Tile does not take pictures for a showroom but more than that they are vivid images of real and common situations.

In the future we plan to give tips, videos and instructions on how to install tile in a bathroom,  a kitchen, a fireplaces, etc. and my experience in more than 24 years in the market. Hope you enjoy this video as much as we do,
Cordially, Frank F. Lopez