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Granite & Marble Polishing

Methods of Polishing and  Restoring Marble , Granite and Terrazzo Floors
Sanding with diamond abrasives discs is the most effective polishing method and is also the only choice for restoration. This method involves grinding the floor down with commercial grade diamond abrasive discs. Successively finer discs are used to bring out a mirror like shine.
Polishing powders can also give very effective results. In this method polishing powder is applied with a buffing machine to bring out a mirror like shine. This is a good regular maintenance choice.
Coatings like wax and urethane are used as quick fixes and are more of a problem than a solution. These coatings prevent the stone from "breathing" and may yellow light colored stones, and the chemicals used for stripping the coatings off can damage the floor. These finishes are no answer to imperfections in a stone floor and in the long run may only exacerbate problems. The best approach is to not use coatings at all.
Polishing Pad Sets
Polishing pads come in sets, each piece of which has a different grit. A set includes a 50 grit, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000-grit pad, colored differently for easy identification. A white or black buff pad is used as well to go over the stone when polishing is complete.

Here are suggestions for floor refinishing:
1. All floors have slippage which must be removed with low grit pads.
2. All steps must be followed in an orderly process; no step should be skipped.
3. No diamond grit may be eliminated because diamonds can only be used as part of a complete series.
4. Use enough water, and make sure the delivery tubes are clear and flowing.
5. Do not swing the floor machine abruptly. Do it following a pattern swing
 We do carry the right tools for doing the job right like variable speed wet polishers, electric burnishers, Electric floor buffers, Floor Polishing Buffers, Floor burnishing & stripping machines with all the necessary accessories.
How to Protect Your Marble and Granite
Protecting your marble and granite floors, countertops & bathroom tiles is an important way to ensure product lifetime and maintain original quality. Here are some ideas on protecting your natural stone:
The most popular method of protecting natural stone is by applying a sealer. When choosing your sealer remember that solvent based sealers work much better than water based ones. A sealer works by penetrating into the pores of the stone and building an invisible barrier that allows for easier cleaning, protection against scratching/stains and creating a harder, less slippery surface. Sealers are easy to apply and take only a few hours to effectively dry. For best results, it is recommended that sealers be re-applied once a year for bathrooms and every six months for kitchen countertops. A good rule of thumb to follow is the more traffic on the granite or marble surface, the more frequently you should apply the sealer. Areas that typically see more traffic include kitchen sinks and prep surfaces near stovetops. Once the sealer is applied, there is no visible difference to the clarity or beauty of the marble or granite.
For day to day care, the best cleaning agent is dish soap diluted with water. Simply wipe down your kitchen surfaces with a damp cloth and that will help preserve your marble and granite.
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