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Need some ideas for your bathroom remodeling project? Here we are! We are proud to present these stunning
Bathroom Design Pictures
guaranteed to get your imagination fly.

mosaic tile on kitchen backsplash From traditional to contemporary,
 there's a design image to provide inspiration for every homeowner's individual taste.

Porcelain Tile Collection  

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Franciscan Slate      s/f per box:  12x12=15, 18x18=18
Porcelain Franciscan Slate Coastal AzulCoastal Azul
12x12 $2.43
18x18 $2.72
Porcelain Franciscan Slate Desert CremaDesert Crema FS95DT
12x12 $2.43
18x18 $2.72
Porcelain Franciscan Slate Terrain MarroneTerrain Marrone FS98DT
12x12 $2.43
18x18 $2.72
Porcelain Franciscan Slate Woodland Verde Woodland Verde
12x12 $2.43
18x18 $2.72
Franciscan Slate Mosaic 3x3Mosaic MS33DT
3x3 on 12x12 mesh $11.34
Bullnose Franciscan SlateBullnose
3x12 $4.16
Franciscan Slate Cove BaseCove Base
6x12 $12.03
Franciscan Slate Outside Cove Corner Outside Cove Corner
1x6 $12.03
Franciscan Slate
Dal-Tile Courtesy

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