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Quarry Tile & Suretread Collection                    

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Quarry Tile  (Smooth Surface)    s/f per box: 4x8 = 10.76,  6x6 = 11                                                    Legend: n-a (non-abrasive), a (abrasive)
Quarry tile Red Blaze
Red Blaze
0Q40DT Group 1
4x8 $3.17 n-a
per  s/f
4x8 $3.46 a  x s/f
6x6 $2.89 n-a x s/f
6x6 $3.17 a  x s/f
Quarry tile Blaze Flash
Blaze Flash
0Q41DT Group 2
4x8 $3.50 n-a per s/f
4x8 $3.91 a 
per s/f
6x6 $3.22 n-a per  s/f
6x6 $3.65 a 
per s/f
Quarry tile Arid Gray
Arid Gray
0Q42DT Group 2
4x8 $3.50 n-a per s/f
4x8 $3.91 a 
per s/f
6x6 $3.22 n-a per s/f
6x6 $3.65 a 
per s/f
Quarry Tile Arid Flash
Arid Flash
0Q48DT Group 2
4x8 $3.50 n-a per s/f
4x8 $3.91 a 
per s/f
6x6 $3.22 n-a per s/f
6x6 $3.65 a 
per s/f

Cove Round top 
Cove Round Top Q-3565
Group 1 & 2
5x6 $1.43 each non-abrasive
Quarry Tile Cove Out CornerCove Out Corner QC-3565
Group 1 & 2
1x5 $3.51 each non-abrasive
Quarry Tile Cove CornerCove Corner (QDR-L-3565+
Group 1 & 2
5x6 $3.51 each non-abrasive
Quarry Tile Cove Inside Corner 1x5Cove Inside Corner QB-3565
Group 1
1x5 $3.33  each non-abrasive
Group 2
1x5 $3.51 each n-a
Quarry Tile Bullnose 4x8Bullnose
Group 1,2
4x8 $1.76  each non-abrasive
4x8 $2.00  each abrasive
Quarry Tile Bullnose Corner 4x8Bullnose Corner
Group 1,2
4x8 $3.48 each non-abrasive
4x8 $3.77 aabrasive
Quarry Tile Bullnose 6x6Bullnose Q-1665
Group 1,2
6x6 $1.43 each  non-abrasive
6x6 $1.72 each abrasive
Quarry Tile Bullnose Corner 6x6Bullnose corner
Group 1,2
6x6 $2.86 each non-abrasive
6x6 $3.15 each abrasive
These unglazed quarry tiles are naturally stain- and slip-resistant, and are available with an abrasive grain for even greater traction.
Suitable for exterior floors and walls in freezing and non-freezing climates when proper installation methods are followed. Suitable for industrial installations requiring high-compressive strength. Special care should be taken when grouting with dark pigmented colors. A grout release is recommended to prevent finely powdered pigments from lodging in the pores of the tile surface.
We do not recommend light colored quarry tile in commercial kitchens unless properly sealed. It is necessary to follow the proper procedures and recommendations from the grout and maintenance products manufacturers.
All colors are available in abrasive grain 6" x 6".
Only 0Q40 and 0Q41 are available in abrasive grain in 4" x 8".
Suitable for use on exterior patios, including pool decks and ramps when ordered with abrasive.
Numbers in ( ) indicate price group. No. (1) is the least expensive.
Quarry is a well designed floor tile for residential usage on floors, wall, countertops exterior Patios and Exterior Pool Decks and for commercial usage as well on floors, patios (covered & uncovered), countertops and pool linings.
This field tile comes in 6x6 and 11 square feet per carton or 44 pieces and 4x8 decorative accent tile and 10.76 square feet or 50 pieces per carton.

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