Setting Material

Setting Material for a complete tile installation.

Kitchen Remodeling

Tile - Cabinets - Plumbing - Electricity

Need some ideas for your bathroom remodeling project? Here we are! We are proud to present these stunning
Bathroom Design Pictures
guaranteed to get your imagination fly.

mosaic tile on kitchen backsplash From traditional to contemporary,
 there's a design image to provide inspiration for every homeowner's individual taste.

Flooring Setting Material

VersaBond Gray Thin-SetVersaBond Fortified Thin-set Mortar50 lb bag
                Gray $
       White $
FlexBondFlexBond Fortified Thin-set Mortar
               Gray $
     White $
VersaBond Fortified thin-setVersabond Flex Fortified thin-st Mortar 50 lb bag
                   Gray $
         White $
MegaFlexMegaFlex Thin-set Mortar 50 lb bag
              Gray $
       White $
Versabond thin-setMultiset Modified Thin-set Mortar 50 lb bag  
               Gray $
      White $
RapidSettingRapidSetting Mortar System Part1 (50 lb Powder) and Part 2 (5 gl. additive pail)
CustomBlend thin-setCustomBlend Standard Thin-set Mortar
             Gray $
          White  $
Glass Block Mortar MixGlass Block Mortar Mix
(50 lb white mortar bag)
Prolite MortarProLite Tile & Stone Mortar
                    Gray $
          White $
glass tile mortarGlass Tile Thin-Set Mortar  (4.2 lb. white box)
Polyblend Sanded GroutPolyblend Sanded Grout
(25 lb bag)
Polyblend Non-Sanded GroutPolyblend Non-Sanded Grout  (10 lb box)
CaulkingPolyBlend Ceramic Tile Caulk (10.5 oz. Cartridge)
Dittra Products
dittra sheetSchluter-Ditra
54 s/f Roll $75.82           
150 s/f Roll $194.26
323 s/f Roll $406.08
Ditra SL 175 s/f Roll $263.87
kerdi sheetSchlutr-Kerdi                   
54 s/f Roll $75.82
108 s/f Roll 147.23
323 s/f Roll $406.08
dttra shower kitSchluter-Shower Kit
48x48 Stainless Drain PVC
72x72 Stainless Drain PVC
Radiant Floor
Thermo tile mat  
Radiant Thermostat  

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